I'm Lou.  And this place you've reached is LOUD! in Public - my personal branding coaching and workshops business for individuals wanting to strengthen their place in the world and get known for their expertise.

Personal branding exists because people don't want to hear from businesses anymore.  They're still interested in the stories, but only if they're presented by real people.  That's how we as a species have been communicating since the dawn of time.  And I find it fascinating that for the last century, we've enjoyed hiding behind a company name, instead of working with it to deliver great stories.

My background is in marketing and public relations, which I fell in to by accident back in 2000 after a short stint in radio and, after doing some time in a couple of corporate environments, I started my first agency, Rockstar PR, focusing on consumer and lifestyle type industries.  

In 2010, I moved to the tech capital of Wellington with my family, took some time off to adjust to being a new parent and eventually adopted the "adapt or die' theory for my new technically minded home city.  LOUD! in Public was born and I now work with some of New Zealand's smartest individuals and innovative businesses, here in Wellington, but dotted elsewhere around the country, too.

Most people think PR is solely media relations.  That hiring me to get them and their business some coverage in mainstream media will be the answer to their marketing problems. Unfortunately, it isn't the case.  Media relations is actually a small sliver of content pie and if you put all your effort in to media relations alone, you'll walk away a very unhappy camper.

PR is in fact, any content or activity that links your brand to the public. Media relations is part of that, but so is social media, influencer media, experiential and thought leadership. Sharing images of fluffy kittens could very well be part of your content strategy, but that alone, just like media coverage alone, is not going to make a difference to your visibility, credibility or share of voice in a crowded market place.

I work under Shane Gibson's Teach, Coach, Do methodology, which means you can engage me to teach a personal brand or media course to your group or work with me one on one in my nine-week personal brand coaching program or you can select one or more of my team to do some elements of content creation and strategy for you.

I work alongside a team of freelance copywriters, graphic designers, artists, video specialists, journalists, social and brand experts.  Together, we help you tell your stories, elevate your brand and engage with your audience.

Charging for consultancy projects doesn't start until we've agreed together on the level you require.  So don't be afraid to pick up the phone.  I'm easily contactable on 021971533.