Here's the thing. If you are not very good at telling your story, the story of the work you do and the story of your business, then you've got a problem. If you are great at telling your story, but no one is listening - it's the same problem. Maybe worse.

I'm not here to teach you how to suck eggs, but if you're feeling a little lost where PR is concerned, here's some things to consider.

1) PR is not an exclusive media relations gig. People like me who work in PR, can do some really cool, clever and epic sh!t. If you put all your effort in to Media Relations and appearing in the news, you will walk away a very unhappy camper.

2) Journalists mostly hate press releases. They hate them because no one can get them right. Unless you know that a journalist loves cold calls, send them an email with your story pitch. If you can nail your pitch in a sentence, well done you! Better yet, tweet your favourite journalist. They're more likely to see your tweet instead of your email that is probably lost in eleven billion terribly written press releases.

3) Content is where it's at. Contrary to popular opinion, the internet is not saturated with quality content. It's saturated with rubbish. So, if you go on ahead and produce great things, you'll be contenting for the greater good of the internet and that's what everyone wants. The Greater Good!

4) Google is your master. So make sure you do what Google tells you to do, which is to produce quality content that people want to see. You'll need help from a strategist for this, because there's quite a bit of trickery you need to overcome. You can probably learn how to do this yourself, but why bother when there's a bunch of us who can just do it for you.

5) Facebook is the leading, numero uno social media platform in the world. Use it. Give Facebook money to put your posts in front of the right people. Get someone else to check your post or ad to make sure it is sensical and not a rubbish waste of money.

6) Influencers are the sugar on your date scone.  What's an influencer, you ask? An individual who devotes many hours and days of time to their personal brands, who has wonderful and marvellous opinions, who heads up or is a prominent member of a community of people with members of the types of people you'd like to reach.  Someone who is able to persuade others to try, read, do something.  There is a price tag attached to these people, but largely, if you choose to engage with the right influences, your investment will pay off.

Still drowning? Call me. I can almost certainly help you and if I can't I know a cast of thousands who can and I will happily introduce you.