What a shit storm, eh?  Ekim Burgers owner, Mike Duffy, caught publicly running his mouth on all things from how people in hospitality are treated, to terrible middle class housewives, kids being kids, lawyers, office workers letting off steam - everyone got a mention in his reasonably vitriolic rant.

Seems to me that Mike has had enough and needs a break.

But what sparked all of this?  An innocent private message from a Mother to the business's facebook page, letting Mike know that  her son had been sick after having one of Mike's burgers.  I can't begin to understand what sort of pressure Mike was under before receiving that message, but it's clear that message struck a nerve.

His audience has been mixed in their comments of support - roughly half congratulate him, the other, vow never to go or return again.  From a business ownership point of view, alienating those with disposable income to spend at your establishment is probably not a great move.

In terms of a save, there were a number of things he could have done - if he'd cared about what this was going to do to his business - he's since made it perfectly clear he's not interested in anyone's view point that doesn't align with his.  Fair enough - we're all entitled to an opinion and to stand by it, regardless of how unpopular it might be.  However, after the media got involved to cover the story further, including giving him the oxygen to continue his rant on camera, that seemed to be more about the hospitality industry in general and not the issue of food poisoning,(which is what started the whole thing), one teeny, tiny piece of advice that I'm sure is completely unwanted by Mike (and that's fine, too) - when speaking on camera about potential food poisoning risks.. wash your hands.

Here's the cover from the Dom including the video.  


Will you go back to Ekim?  

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