"Content that may not be considered by the PR team to be “newsworthy” enough for a pitch to top-tier media may still be of vital interest to core audiences."

Do you know how delighted I am to see this very phrase on one of my favourite PR blogs?  Chuffed.  Utterly chuffed.

I've been harping on and on about this exact thing for years, so to see this validation on a massively famous blog - just delightful. 

One of the first things potential clients say to me "we tried PR, we sent a press release to all the editors of every mainstream outlet and it didn't get picked up by anyone.  PR sucks.  It'll be a hard sell to get us to do PR again!"

Some media-savvy individuals will be able to point out at a hundred yards what's wrong with that scenario above, but just in case you're not one of them - listen up.

There is a home for EVERY SINGLE STORY, but it isn't always going to be the front page of your local news. In fact, something like 95% of the news and stories in your business is not destined for the bright lights of mainstream media.  But, there is a home for that 95%.  It's all about distribution.  Figuring out who actually needs to know about that story and most importantly, how does that audience you've identified, prefer to consume their news?  Is it via a measurable customer newsletter? Is it a video on YouTube?  Is it a press release on your own website?  Is it in 140 characters or less on twitter?  Is it via an event or a stunt?  A blog post?  Word of mouth?

That audience of yours, hangs out in some weird and wonderful places.  The other side of a newspaper isn't always going to be it and if I'm honest, while it's super nice to have those column inches and a bit of fame for five minutes, we really need to put our audience first with any communication we have to share.

Are you picking up what I'm throwing down?