The biggest, most important reason for strengthening your personal brand is opportunity.  And the biggest benefit of strong personal brands among your team, is the brilliant reflection they have on your company.  

If you've got an ounce of ambition, are chasing a new contract or a new customer, especially in a crowded market where you have lots of competition, what's going to help you stand out? A strong personal brand and a solid reputation is what. 

Simply put, if no one knows who you are, or what you're good at, trying to secure clients and contracts will be harder than it needs to be. But what does a successful personal brand actually look like? 

Some activity on social platforms and a well oiled blog is certainly a good start, but being able to sum up who you are, your experience and how you can contribute to something new and shiny is the crux of it. Especially in an in-person environment. You need to be able to introduce yourself and give a snapshot of what you do, succinctly and interestingly to a random stranger, without referring to the weather or other bizarre small-talk. 

Next is content. You might be the best cupcake creator in the land, but without sharing content on said amazing cupcakes, you're slotted in with the mediocre. And you don't want that.

So when you've figured out what it is you do, or want to do in the future that you'd like to work towards, you can confidently tell people of that in an interesting way, your next step is getting your story straight and telling it really well, to an audience who want to know all about your salted caramel, gluten free delight. No point in yelling from the rooftops how amazing your dairy based cupcakes are to a vegan audience who are all quietly grossed out by your use of animal products. 

Are you picking up what I'm throwing down?

Let's sum it up.

1) What is it you do or want to do in the future?

2) Have you got your elevator pitch nailed?

3) Does your story make sense for your audience?

If personal branding is the missing piece from your plans for success, go here for the next step.